Would the Buddha Be Vegan If He Were Alive Today?

Published February 22, 02020, Page Last Modified April 6, 02020

During his lifetime, Gautama Buddha was not a vegetarian. He accepted whatever food was offered to him as alms, including meat. However, the Buddha was alive during the 5th to 4th century BCE when the world population was approximately 100 million people (a). There was no such thing as a factory farm back then and the way humans raised and interacted with animals probably looked much more like this:

Fat tailed sheep, Afghanistan, 1976 (Ian Alexander / CC BY-SA)

Yangshuo, China (left), Horse traffic, Balkh, Afghanistan (right) from Asia Grace by Kevin Kelly

…than this:

Rotary milking parlours at Hemme Milch Wedemark, Lower Saxony (Foto: Thomas Fries, Lizenz: cc-by-sa-3.0 de)

Would the Buddha be vegan if he were alive today?

I’m tempted to say yes. If the Buddha lived in a developed nation in the year 02020, it’s likely that any dairy, eggs, and meat that would come his way would be the product of factory-farmed animals living in extremely cruel and stressful conditions. Given the Buddha’s goal to help end the suffering of all living beings, it’s hard to imagine that the Buddha would feel comfortable (even passively) supporting a system that actively inflicts pain on billions of animals each day. What do you think?

Buddha with monkey (myself / CC BY-SA)


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